Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

Winter has never been my favorite season. What, with hiding from the cold, combating brutal winds, scraping layers of ice and frozen muck off every flat surface and preventing weather related catastrophes from occurring, what’s not to love about the frigid months? Of course, winter also gives us holidays to spend with family and perfect snow days to enjoy, but regardless of how wonderful the festivities and winter sports have been, my mood always perks up with the first signs of spring. You can feel the world around you begin to shake off that blanket of wintery sluggishness as temperatures climb and the days grow longer.

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

One way many choose to welcome the warming of the seasons is to start fresh with a thorough cleaning of their homes, otherwise known as spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an important ritual for many households and has been around for centuries. While no one is positive when the term “spring cleaning” was coined, some research suggests it’s origin can be dated back to the ancient Jewish practice of meticulously cleansing the home in preparation of Passover. Nowadays, spring cleaning is the perfect time to shake off the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter months, leaving your home feeling refreshed and you rejuvenated. However, as crucial as it is to rid your home’s interior of months of accumulated dust and debris during spring cleaning, it is also important to deep clean outside of your home as well. A perfect way to do that is to utilize the power of pressure washing to ensure that your home’s exterior and hardscapes are sparkling and ready for the sunnier weather. Continue reading to find out exactly how pressure washing your home will make for spring cleaning excellence like you’ve never experienced before!


Why Add Pressure Washing To Your Spring Cleaning List?

Many homeowners tend to think of pressure washing as an unnecessary or even excessive step in their cleaning process. They may consider good old fashion elbow grease to be suitably adequate when completing a deep clean of their home, or they may fear the consequences of misusing the machine and accidently causing damage to their property. While these objections have some validity behind them – for example, if the surface that needs cleaned is covered in vintage wallpaper, I wouldn’t recommend using a machine of any kind – the benefits of pressure washing far outweigh the risks. So, if the hesitation in using a pressure washer in your spring-cleaning routine is simply due to feelings of “overkill,” then it’s time to reconsider!

  • Curb Appeal

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

The most obvious (and easily acknowledged) benefit to pressure washing your home during spring cleaning season, is the effect such an action will have on your property’s curb appeal. After several long, cold months of winter your home is, well, dirty. Due to winter weather conditions, your home’s exterior has taken a major beating. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, where almost constant rainfall leaves outside surfaces covered in dust, dirt and other types of debris, our homes start to look a little worse for wear after only a few months. By pressure washing your home’s exterior and hardscapes, the muck and grime of winter can be entirely stripped away, leaving you with a home that looks almost like new. A clean home increases the curb appeal of your home and consequently the property value of your home and well as the other houses in the neighborhood.

  • Proactive & Preventative Maintenance

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning ExcellenceCleanliness is one of the important aspects of proactive and preventative maintenance, especially when dealing with exteriors. If allowed to collect over time, grime, moss, mold, mildew and rust coating your home’s exterior surfaces could result in detrimental corrosion. By having your home and hardscapes pressure washed at least once a year, you eliminate this risk, and significantly increase the lifespan of said surfaces. Besides ensuring your humble abode looks as good as new, pressure washing now can save you money later.

  • Health And Safety

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

Having a collection of dust, mold, mildew as well as other allergies encasing your home can pose a major health risk to yourself and your loved ones. According to the EPA: “Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins)”. Pressure washing will remove these allergens and mycotoxins, ensuring that opening your windows to air things out this spring won’t result in instant hay fever for everyone living there.

  • Renovation Preparation

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

In order to tackle all those DIY home projects you’ve been scheming up all winter, you need a fresh clean slate to work with. Hoping to paint the siding or replace your window trim? You’ll need to ensure that the surfaces you are working with are entirely clean to begin with or otherwise your carefully executed paint job will be peeling in less than six months’ time. Want to re-stain the backyard deck so it’s looking sharp for BBQ dinners during the warm summer evenings? Pressure washing the deck provides you with a blemish-free surface to cover in your favorite stain and removes the risk of plastering debris to the wood with a slick of red mahogany.

Consider Hiring Pressure Washing Professionals

One of the hard aspects of spring cleaning in our modern world, is managing to carve out enough time to complete all the things on your expansive to-do-list. Rather than attempting to pressure wash your entire home exterior with a rented power washer you can only keep for an afternoon, just to receive questionable results and possibly even bodily injury or damages to your property, considering calling the professionals. Avoid the risk of wasted effort and funds and instead allow the skilled experts at Snugs Services to take care of all your pressure washing needs! At Snugs, we have been pressure washing residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Portland Metro area and the surrounding region for over 25 years. With our team of highly-trained technicians, years of experience, thorough wash water management and specialty custom-made equipment, we can get the job done right, regardless of where the job is. Nothing is too tall for our crew to clean, ensuring that the high access points on your property that are typically too dangerous or difficult to reach, are left spotless. Not to mention, you’ll avoid any future repair fees from incorrectly using the pressure washer or medical fees as a result of you falling backwards off a ladder.

Whether you need your siding, sidewalks, driveway, deck, masonry or other hardscapes pressure washed, our team has the skills and ability required to clean each surface correctly. So, give your home a much-needed face lift, stay on top of necessary maintenance and help improve the health of those living in your home by including pressure washing in your spring cleaning to-do-list this year. Don’t have the time, energy or equipment needed to get the job done? Contact Snugs Services today to handle all your pressure washing needs!

Pressure Washing For Spring Cleaning Excellence

Snugs Pro Wash, Inc, dba SNUGS Services, has been providing high quality Pressure Washing Services in Portland, OR since 1995. Started as a residential pressure washing and roof cleaning service, SNUGS is now one of the leading exterior cleaning companies in the Northwest. From our humble beginnings as a man with a truck and a trailer we have grown to become a multi-million dollar company serving corporate customers, name brands, and mom and pop companies alike.

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