Metal Carport Repairs in Portland, OR

Snugs has expanded our gutter division to repair metal carport fascia and roof panels. Most commonly found at apartment complexes and Condo Associations, metal carports are commonly damaged when tenants move in and out of the complexes.

We will make custom-formed replacement parts to match the existing carports, no matter who installed them originally. Paired with our gutter installation division, we can ensure that the rainwater goes where it should.

One telltale sign you need to hire professional carport services is when there’s rust present in most areas of your metal carport. Metal carports rust after several years, especially if frequently exposed to rain or moisture. Rust also affects the appearance of the carport and its structural integrity. At some point, your metal carport might suddenly fall apart, causing extensive damage to your vehicle. Another clear indication that will force you to hire expert carport repair services is when there are structural issues. If your carport starts sagging, leaning or showing other signs of structural instability, you need to have it checked out. These could be signs of a more serious underlying issue that needs our immediate attention.

In addition, if you encounter a major roof leak, it could be a sign to replace the carport roof. Please note that carport roof replacement and carport roof repair are two different things. Replacing the entire roof is a more extensive process than repairing a few damaged panels. That’s why our carport Portland, Oregon team at Snugs Services will guide you on the best course of action to take. We will try our best to repair the roof if it’s possible, but if the damage is extensive or beyond repair, we will recommend a full replacement. For instance, if there is moss growth or granule loss, this doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire roof. On the other hand, if your carport has major punctures, holes or rusted areas, that’s a different story.

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