Masonry Sealant in Portland, OR

Protecting your masonry surfaces and stonework will extend its life, help keep it clean, and reduce the growth of moss and algae. Penetrating masonry sealant can also have anti-graffiti properties to make removal very simple.

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Masonry Surface Sealing in Portland, OR

Applying a sealant to your brick, concrete, stone, or other masonry surfaces is like putting scotch bright on an old raincoat. Once it is on, the water will bead off. SNUGS has been applying sealant to masonry for more than 25 years and knows how it can really help protect the investment and keep it clean as long as possible. Once it is sealed, it can be cleaned more easily. Masonry sealant should be applied every 3 to 5 years, depending on the product that is used. We have products with excellent manufacturing support and can come with up to a 10-year warranty against water intrusion.

Our seasoned experts understand the importance of concrete repairs and surface defects. That’s why we’re well-equipped to handle any concrete surfaces that may require sealing, including concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. Our masonry sealant products in Portland include solutions for more specific applications like birdbath sealer and basement sealer, ensuring every corner of your home can benefit from our sealing expertise. When assessing your masonry surface, our team takes into account several crucial elements, such as the level of sealer penetration, the porous nature of the masonry or concrete, and the level of protection aimed for. After a thorough examination, our concrete sealing contractors will recommend the water-repellent sealer best suited for your masonry, taking into account the concrete’s levels of water absorption and subsurface moisture. Additionally, sealers like a silane-siloxane concrete sealer or a solvent-based matte concrete sealer could be used to enforce reinforced protection against water penetration. We ensure additional surface preparation to make the most of the sealant and guarantee long-lasting results. 

Following the installation of the sealant, we carry out timely checks to monitor the adhesive properties and the overall performance of the sealant. The protective capabilities of our sealers aren’t limited to just water resistance. Several of our products offer enhanced resistance, such as stain resistance, resistance to oil, and even abrasion resistance. For higher traffic areas or areas susceptible to chemical spills, we have special coatings in gloss or matte finishes that can withstand the extra strain. We also take great pride in our selection of sealants that offer color enhancement features. Our customers love these when they want to maintain their masonry’s natural feel while adding an extra layer of protection. As one of the leading brick-sealing contractors in Portland, SNUGS does not just provide masonry sealing solutions. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us. With every project we undertake, we aim to excite our customers with an impressive transformation and a sharp increase in the life and strength of their masonry.

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Masonry Sealant

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