Masonry Sealant

Protecting your masonry surfaces and stonework will extend its life, help keep it clean, and reduce the growth of moss and algae. Penetrating masonry sealant can also have anti-graffiti properties to make removal very simple.

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Masonry Surface Sealing

Applying a sealant to your brick, concrete, stone, or other masonry surfaces is like putting scotch bright on an old raincoat. Once it is on the water will bead off. SNUGS has been applying sealant to masonry for more than 25 years and knows how it can really help protect the investment and keep it clean as long as possible. Once it is sealed it can be cleaned easier. Masonry sealant should be applied every 3 to 5 years, depending on the product that is used. We have products with excellent manufacture support, and can come with, up to, a 10 year warranty against water intrusion.

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Masonry Sealant

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