Dryer Duct Cleaning Services in Portland, OR

When dryer vents become clogged, it becomes a big fire danger. All dryer vents should be cleaned annually. Snugs has developed methods to clean the dryer vent from the outside of the building, causing very limited disruption to your tenants.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Portland

Dryer lint is one of the best tinder’s for starting a fire. This makes clogged dryer vents a big fire hazard. They also reduce the efficiency of the dryer, and may cause alarms to go off showing a blockage in the dryer. Cleaning the dryer vents every year will help your dryers running at peak performance and reduce the risk of a fire.

Dryer ducts are warm, dry and usually have lots of lint. These three things make them havens for bird to nest in. This is a huge issue that is very hard to avoid. Bird nests in the dryer ducts can cause a full blockage in the vent, destroy the dryer, and create a fire. If these nests are active and there are birds nesting in them, the nests cannot be removed. The best time to remove the nests is during the months of August thru January according to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If there are specific bird nesting issues, we can remove these nests with a little extra work, but it is much more difficult that removing dryer lint. Once the nests are removed, we can take measures to try keep the birds from coming back into the dryer vents. These steps may vary depending upon the make-up and design of the dryer vents.

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