How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

As the seasons change, our homes face various challenges, from the foundation of your house all the way to the roofline. An often-overlooked adversary to the common Pacific Northwest homeowner, due to its rather innocuous nature, is roof moss. Moss is a non-vascular plant that thrives in cool, damp environments and acts as a sponge – absorbing moisture and retaining it. While it might give a quaint, rustic appearance, its implications extend far beyond aesthetics. As this seemingly innocent green growth establishes roots on your roof, it can have significant and detrimental repercussions for your home’s value and structural integrity, when left untreated. In this blog, we’ll delve into the different aspects of roof moss—what it is, why its presence is a concern, and how it can impact your property’s overall value. To learn more, continue reading!

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

What is Roof Moss?

Moss is a highly durable plant species that can survive in almost any environment, from pavements to roofs. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our mild climate with frequent rainfall provides the perfect breeding ground for moss. When combined with the cracks and crevices found between roofing shingles, your roof becomes the ideal breeding ground for moss growth. The fertilization of moss occurs through spores, which can easily be carried by a gentle breeze and, consequently, be wafted over your rooftop during breezy days. However, since wind pattern regulation is a technology we have yet to see in our modern age, preventing these moss spores from reaching your home’s roofline is an impossible feat. If left unattended, these spores can result in rapid growth, leaving a thick, resilient layer of moss covering your roof.

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

  1. How Moss Can Damage Your Roof

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

Moss can be a silent yet detrimental opponent to your home, gradually compromising your roof’s integrity as time slips on. Shingles or tiles can be lifted by moss roots, creating channels for moisture, and exposing the materials beneath to outside conditions. This trapped moisture becomes a breeding ground for mold and, over time, can lead to the development of holes in your roof, resulting in leaks.

Moss can damage shingles in three significant ways. First, it strips away the protective oils on shingles, making them more vulnerable to erosion and sun damage. Without this protection, shingles can warp and crack under the sun, significantly shortening their lifespan. Second, moss’s water absorption adds weight to your roof, potentially causing it to sag, leading to structural damage and even collapse. Thirdly, as previously mentioned, moss can lift shingles, exposing the underlayment to the elements and resulting in erosion and leaks. To prevent further damage, it’s essential to remove moss promptly.

  1. How Moss Can Decrease Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Regular moss removal is not only about preserving your roof but also about maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. As moss absorbs water and adds weight to your roof, it can cause sagging, contributing to structural damage and, ultimately, energy inefficiency. The added weight from untreated roof moss can make your roof retain heat, making it more challenging to cool your home during the summer months. Additionally, by removing roof moss, your roof will regain the ability to absorb heat from sunlight and increase the ambient temperature of your attic space, resulting in better home heating capabilities during the winter season.

  1. How Moss Can Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

Moss, though picturesque in certain contexts, can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal when it takes residence on your roof. Moss growth also isn’t limited to the roof; it can easily spread to other areas like driveways, walkways, and patios, making your entire home look unkept and uninviting. Not to mention, an ill-maintained appearance can be especially problematic if you are part of an HOA. The presence of roof moss could result in you having to manage violation letters, fees, a property lien and even court hearings.

  1. How Moss Can Void Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners insurance providers consider the condition of your roof when determining policy costs. A roof damaged by moss can lead to increased premiums or, in extreme cases, the cancellation of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Insurance companies view a well-maintained roof as a lower liability and a poorly maintained one as exactly the opposite. If inspectors report moss damage, you risk financial repercussions. By addressing moss promptly, you not only safeguard your property but also ensure your insurance coverage remains intact. Regular professional roof cleanings and moss treatments can help maintain insurance-friendly roofing that won’t leave you stranded will out that each protection and peace of mind.

  1. How Moss Can Decrease the Resale Value of Your Home

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

As previously mentioned, roof moss can impact your property’s value in more ways than just structural damage. Beyond immediate structural concerns, higher electric bills and a scorned HOA breathing down your neck – roof moss can ultimately result in a diminished resale value for your home. This can be a particularly bad situation if you have plans of selling your home in the near future.

Potential buyers may look at your home, freshly listed and covered in a layer of fuzzy green growth and contribute the poor curb appeal and neglected roof maintenance to the overall care of the home. It wouldn’t be a stretch for potential buyers to assume that this lack of maintenance is indicative of the entire property has been managed. Such assumptions could result in fewer bids, being forced to lower the asking price and potentially no sale of any kind. To take action against this, consider scheduling regular roof cleanings (annually or bi-annually), including professional moss removal and treatment. This is an investment in the long-term value and attractiveness of your property to potential buyers.

Preventing Roof Moss Growth

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to roof moss. Taking proactive steps to prevent moss growth can save you from potential damages and financial implications. Here are some preventative measures:

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular professional inspections to identify and address moss growth before it becomes a major issue.
  • Tree Trimming: Trim trees to minimize shade and allow more sunlight to reach your roof, creating an environment less conducive to moss.
  • Zinc Strips: Consider installing zinc strips on your roof, which release ions that inhibit moss growth. However, keep in mind that zinc strips can only be applied during the installation of a new roof, so it isn’t necessarily a solution for every homeowner. In addition, these strips will lose their effectiveness and become loose over time due to constant exposure to the elements – resulting in a slew of issues including water damage, rusting, and (of course) roof moss.
  • Scheduled Treatments: The only sure-fire way to ensure that your roof remains healthy and moss-free, is to schedule professional roof moss treatment services on a consistent basis. Allowing the professionals to manage the job rather than attempting to do it on your own means preventative and comprehensive solutions that provide wonderful results and circumvent any potential issues. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your roof is, and will continue to be, moss-free – without having to do any backbreaking and potentially dangerous work on your own!

Hiring Roof Moss Removal

If your roof has been covered in moss, it’s important to act fast. Leaving it to grow and freeze during the winter can cause damage, leading to problems when the thaw comes. At Snugs Services, we have years of expertise in removing moss from all types of roofs in the Pacific Northwest. Our highly trained crews will use their extensive knowledge, skills, and tools to remove moss without damaging your home. Your home’s roof will look brand new without you ever having to climb a ladder or use harmful chemicals.

While removal is great for current moss growth, prevention is the key to extending the lifespan of your roof. Snugs Services offers annual roof moss treatment using special compounds registered with the EPA. These compounds turn moss inert to prevent spores from traveling to other parts of your property. Our compounds can be applied during any season except during extreme weather, but the best time is during spring or summer. Scheduling an annual treatment with us ensures that your home is protected from changing seasons and weather all year round. Contact Snugs Services today to receive your free project quote and begin your quest towards a healthier, moss-free roof!

How Roof Moss Affects Your Home’s Value

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