Snow and Commercial Properties – A Potentially Dangerous Combination

As winter’s snowy cloak descends, the commercial landscape transforms into a potential minefield of challenges for property overseers. Beyond the visual appeal of snow-covered rooftops lies a series of pitfalls that can significantly impact safety, functionality, and the overall appeal of commercial spaces. In this exploration, we delve into why snow removal services are not merely convenient but a critical necessity for those entrusted with managing commercial properties.

Snow and Your Commercial Property – A Potentially Dangerous Combination

The Practicalities of Snow Removal

Winter, with its pristine snowscapes, can quickly transform into a perilous landscape for commercial properties. The need for snow removal services extends beyond the cosmetic, playing a crucial role in maintaining safety and preventing legal complications. Timely removal of snow is vital to averting slip-and-fall accidents, which, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), are one of the most significant causes of injuries at the workplace during wintertime. OSHA also emphasizes the winter weather hazards that may occur when employees engage in activities like snow and ice removal without adequate training and equipment.

Besides exerting unnecessary labor from your employees, the absence of professional snow removal services can negatively affect the overall safety of a property as well as opening commercial property owners to all sorts of legal liabilities. Injuries or illnesses resulting from employee involvement in snow removal tasks or unsafe walking conditions can disrupt business operations, creating setbacks and affecting overall employee morale. The decision to rely solely on employees for snow removal can lead to increased risks, creating challenges in maintaining a safe and operational commercial space.

The Necessity of Professional Intervention

Snow and Your Commercial Property – A Potentially Dangerous Combination 

The potential issues arising from an in-house approach to snow removal are multifaceted. Slips, trips, and falls during snow and ice removal, especially from rooftops and decks, rank among the most significant causes of employee injuries, as outlined by OSHA. Without proper training, materials, and equipment, employees are unwittingly thrust into risky ventures, all in the hopes of saving a few dollars in the long run.

Cold stress, considered a major physical hazard, poses a serious threat during winter work. Employees accustomed to heated offices may lack the appropriate cold-weather gear, putting them at risk for conditions like frostbite, trench foot, and hypothermia. As employees strive to remove snow and ice quickly, the likelihood of illness and injury increases. Snow shoveling, in particular, raises the potential for exhaustion, dehydration, back injuries, and even heart attacks.

The repercussions, however, extend beyond physical health. Low employee morale may result from the perception that a company is forcing its workers into unusual and grueling tasks not specified in their job descriptions. Such an approach might contribute to a high turnover rate, making hiring new personnel challenging.

The Benefits of a Professional Touch

Snow and Your Commercial Property – A Potentially Dangerous Combination

Contrasting the pitfalls of an internal snow removal strategy, professional snow removal services offer a comprehensive solution. These services are equipped not only to handle the challenges posed by winter weather but also to provide a proactive approach that prevents potential hazards. Speed and efficiency are inherent advantages of professional snow removal. A dedicated crew, aware of the challenges they face in a blizzard, undergoes training and receives proper gear to mitigate the risks of cold stress.

Professional snow removal services employ specialized equipment such as commercial-grade plows, push spreaders, skid steers, and dump trucks to accomplish the job. These tools ensure high-quality results, surpassing what employees armed with snow shovels and push brooms could ever possibly achieve. Furthermore, the assurance of insurance and licensing provides a safety net for commercial property owners – in the event of accidents or damages during snow removal, a professional service ensures that issues are covered and handled efficiently and professionally, at no risk to the property owner.

Going Beyond Safety

Snow and Your Commercial Property – A Potentially Dangerous Combination

The advantages of professional snow removal extend beyond safety. The efficiency of a dedicated snow removal team ensures quick results that meet approval and expectations. Commercial spaces cleared of snow by professionals provide a safe and accessible environment for customers and employees alike. Not to mention, curb appeal, an often-overlooked aspect of property management during the winter months, will not be allowed to fall into disrepair due to a few inches of snowfall. Making your property appear welcoming to passersby, even in the midst of winter, can positively impact your business. Nobody wants to compete with snow piles for a parking spot or risk an impromptu ice-skating session on their way to a store entrance.

Moreover, the financial benefits of having a contracted snow removal services are tangible. Professional snow removal helps to circumvent potential liability lawsuits. In many municipalities, a person slipping and falling on a property due to safety issues, such as compacted snow on top of black ice, holds the property owner responsible for the associated case and fees. Code violations are another concern for commercial property owners. Many cities require property owners and business operators to keep sidewalks and curbs clear at all times. Failure to comply can result in fines. By entrusting professionals with snow removal, commercial property owners ensure compliance with local regulations, avoiding potential legal repercussions.

Keeping Your Commercial Property Snow-Free

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Snow and Your Commercial Property – A Potentially Dangerous Combination

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