Why Are Your Gutters Leaking?


“A little water never hurt anyone.” A classic quip and, for the most part, very true. But sometimes water can hurt, and in the case of your home, water can be devastating. For thousands of years (yes really, they’ve been around for that long), gutters have been used to guide rain and storm water off roofs and away from structural foundations. When properly maintained, this innovative system of troughs along your roofline, can work wonders to help keep your property free of water damage. However, when gutters fail to function as intended, it can reap havoc in and around your home. A few consequences of a faulty gutter system and the water damage that will result are:

  • Pooling water on your home’s roof, which will eventually soak through your shingles
  • A flooded basement
  • Cracks forming in the foundation of your home, sidewalks, patio or driveway
  • Water stains on the fascia or exterior walls of the property
  • Demolished landscaping due to the force of overflowing water
  • Mold and mildew which is unattractive and dangerous to the health of anyone living in your home

What To Look For


Why Are Your Gutter’s Leaking?

The goal should always be to keep your gutters in working form. However, besides an obvious issue like a particularly violent windstorm leaving half your gutter hanging haphazardly across the lawn, in order to know what state your gutters are in – you may have to investigate further. It’s best to try and evaluate your home’s gutters during a storm as well has during a dry period to get an idea of your gutter current status. There are several signs to look for that indicate that it’s time to call in the professionals:

  • During a rainstorm, do you notice water consistently overflowing? Make note of where these overflows occur: near a downspout, along particular seams, in between the gutter and wall or elsewhere?
  • After the storm, is there water pooling around your home’s foundation or on your rooftop?
  • Do you notice flooding in your home’s basement during or after heavy rainfall?
  • Once it’s dry, take a walk around your property and evaluate your gutters damages, do you notice any holes or loose hangers?

Leaky Gutters?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your gutters are in need of a checkup! Hopefully the issues you are experiencing are tied to a dirty or clogged system, something that can easily be remedied by a professional cleaning, but it might also be time for repair or replacement. Gutter cleaning should take place at least twice a year (or more frequently depending on the trees on and surrounding your property) in order to keep things in working order. Sadly though, gutter cleaning is an often-overlooked task and when forgotten for too long, repairing or even replacing your gutters entirely might be the only solution. So how do you know which step to take next?

  • Clean your gutters if: you notice overflow only occurs near the downspout. This is indicative of a clogged downspout preventing proper flow. If it’s also been longer than six month since your gutters last received a thorough clean, it’s time to do it again.
  • Repair your gutters if: the damages are not too severe. For example, if your gutters are buckling slightly in spots, out of alignment, have a few bulging screws, or have localized damage to one or two sections – replacement is still most likely an option and the more cost effective choice to make.
  • Replace your gutters if: your gutters are too small for your house or the amount of rainfall your area typically experiences, as this is the only solution to such a problem. If your gutters are seamless and any kind of erosion has occurred (holes, rust, cracking) a full replacement is required due to how the gutters are manufactured and installed. In addition, if you notice staining on your home or your gutters are badly misshapen, cracked, rusted out, full of holes, detached from the house or have numerous or extensive damages, a new system is required.


Why Are Your Gutter’s Leaking?

You Know Who To Call

While self-diagnosis of your gutter defects can help you decide how to proceed, determining what’s most likely wrong and actually fixing the problem are two very different things. So to remove the guess work and to ensure the job is done properly, give an experienced and specialized gutter technician service, like Snugs Services, a call. Beyond being able to properly diagnose the exact issue or issues at hand, our technicians have the training and latest equipment required to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Rather than continually climb up and down a ladder as you attempt to finish your own DIY gutter repair before the next rainfall without hurting yourself, let the experts handle it. By allowing Snugs Services to take care of your gutter maintenance or replacement, you’ll save your back, time, energy and the money you’d waste correcting mistakes. With Snugs taking care of things, you can rest easy knowing your home is in the best hands. Don’t wait until it’s too late, if your gutters are leaking, it’s time to call Snugs Services for help.

Why Are Your Gutter’s Leaking?

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