The Fall Checklist: Seasonal Maintenance For Property Owners

Now that we’re solidly into Fall, there are some important steps to take when it comes to maintaining your property and preparing for winter. Making sure that things are clean and functioning properly, especially going into the winter months, will ensure that your property will remain in great shape for years to come. Here are some seasonal things to consider when taking care of your property this fall.

Gutter Cleaning/ Repair

The Fall Checklist

This is a crucial task for fall property maintenance. As leaves and other debris collect more rapidly in the fall months, your gutters are more prone to clogging. This is bad news when we’re going into the wettest part of the year. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and cause water damage, encourage mold and moss growth, vegetation growth, nesting pests, and, if left unchecked into the colder months, could lead to some serious damage from freezing/ thawing. October, November and December are the best times to schedule gutter cleanings to prepare for winter. If you have leaks, dents, or faulty gutters, getting your gutter repairs in before the rainy season starts is a must. Months of rain can do serious damage to your roof, siding, foundation and landscape if your gutters aren’t able to divert water away effectively. A clean and functioning gutter system is essential for homes, apartments complexes, and commercial buildings to last in our rainy Pacific Northwest climate.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Moss Removal

The roofs of our buildings are maybe the most important parts of our property. They are the first line of defense against the elements and it’s vital to keep them maintained. Any weak points in our roof allows water, moisture and the elements to invade our homes, potentially leading to damage and expensive repairs. Having your roof cleaned in the Fall will help you avoid any issues in the future. Debris could get lodged under shingles letting moisture underneath and moss growth can separate shingles, leading to weak points in your defense. A weakened or damaged roof also can make your utility bills higher by letting the cold in and making it more difficult to control the temperature inside.

Leaf Removal

The most iconic Fall property maintenance task, it would be a mistake to skip leaf removal. A layer of leaves left undisturbed on your landscape can have lasting effects. Leaves block sunlight from reaching your grass and other plants and can even suffocate your greenery. This can lead to your lawn struggling the following Spring. Sitting leaves can even invite pests, like rodents, insects and birds, to start invading your space, maybe even trying to set up camp inside. Mold and moss are another issue with sitting leaves. Leaf removal not only keeps your lawn looking great and discourages pests and mold/ moss, it can actually help your garden thrive. Composting your fallen leaves will give you a great nutrient rich fertilizer to use on your garden.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal Truck

Although uncommon, we have seen some intense fall snows in the Pacific Northwest. The responsibility of removal falls on the property owner, including surrounding public sidewalks. If you manage an apartment complex, or run a storefront, it’s important to keep drive paths and walkways clear for you tenants, patrons and employees in order to avoid snow related accidents. Occasionally we will get snow in late fall, but this is definitely something to consider going into winter.

Keeping up with all this maintenance can be a lot, but no worries, SNUGS is here to help you get those important tasks done without sacrificing too much of your time. While you keep your focus on your work and life, rest assured knowing that SNUGS is keeping your property well maintained and ready for the winter. Whether you need your gutters cleaned or repaired, your roof cleaned, leaves removed, snow removed or any other maintenance needs, SNUGS has your back.

Snugs Pro Wash, Inc, dba SNUGS Services, has been providing high quality Pressure Washing Services in Portland, OR since 1995. Started as a residential pressure washing and roof cleaning service, SNUGS is now one of the leading exterior cleaning companies in the Northwest. From our humble beginnings as a man with a truck and a trailer we have grown to become a multi-million dollar company serving corporate customers, name brands, and mom and pop companies alike.

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