Get Ahead of the Snow with Liquid De-Icer

Being prepared for cold weather outbreaks like snow and ice ahead of time can really save you from stress and wasted time. Keeping your building accessible to your clients or customers is essential to running your business and avoiding liability issues due to slipping or falling. Liquid De-Icer is a very effective way of beating the weather before it happens and not scrambling when the snow starts to fall.

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What You Need to Know About Liquid De-icer

What makes liquid de-icer so effective? It can work in a couple ways to keep snow and ice from building up. De-Icer can lower the freezing point of water so that temperatures need to be much colder before a layer of ice can form on the pavement. It can also prevent a bond from forming between the ice and the pavement.

Liquid de-icer can spread very easily across the surface of your drive paths and parking lots. This will prevent any unprotected patches. Also, because it is a liquid, it won’t be easily pushed off of areas that you want to keep clear like a solid would. According to Snow Magazine, as few as 5 cars can push up to 80% of solid de-icers like salt or sand off of areas it was intended to de-ice. This issue is resolved by using a liquid de-icer because it soaks into the pores of the pavement and remains where it is supposed to be. This will prevent you from having to apply de-icer multiple times.

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How Our Service Works

Here at Snugs Services, our trucks are set up with high-capacity tanks that can service a lot of locations on a single deployment. We will apply liquid de-icer to your drive paths and parking lots to keep ice and snow from accumulating, so your business can keep running smoothly. Layers of ice underneath snow can be very dangerous, de-icer will not only slow the formation of ice and accumulation of snow on the pavement, but can potentially prevent the need for plowing altogether.

De-icer can be applied in conjunction with our other services, such as plowing, shoveling or granular de-icer for walkways. To truly beat the weather, de-icer is best used as part of a multidimensional defense which includes other services. Using liquid de-icer with more traditional snow removal methods will usually result in more effective storm management in the event of serious snowfall.

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When Should De-Icer Be Applied?

De-icer is ideally used as a pre-event treatment. Applying a layer of de-icer to the areas you want to keep clear up to 48 hours before a cold weather event will be more effective because it will already be acting as a barrier between the pavement and the snow and ice. This also makes de-icing after new snowfall easier.

Using de-icer as a pre-event treatment will give you a cushion of time, making harsh weather a less stressful event as you will have more time to get things taken care. Depending on how much snow is falling, de-icer alone may be enough. In the Pacific Northwest, we generally don’t get massive amounts of snowfall. Interestingly, this means that we are often less prepared than we should be. Using De-icer as a pretreatment may very well be enough to get everything taken care of.

This can give you a leg up on your competition who are less prepared. When a cold weather event happens, you can rest easy knowing that you are already prepared when they are scrambling to get ice and snow removed from their properties. This may even discourage people from going to your competition and encourage them to do business with you instead.

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It’s not if, but when cold weather will affect our lives. Being prepared can make the difference between keeping your business running smoothly and having snow or ice adversely effect your bottom line. Using liquid de-icer as a pretreatment is a simple and effective way to be prepared for when the snow starts to fall and the streets begin to freeze.

Liquid de-icer can give you a cushion to react to snow and ice, and might even prevent the need for plowing at all. More effective as a pretreatment than salt, liquid de-icer can spread easily and stay put to give your parking lots and drive paths maximum protection from the elements.

Snugs Services has the equipment and expertise to help you stay ahead of the weather. Make sure you set something up before the snow falls so you aren’t left out in the cold!

Will your parking lots and drive paths be clear when the cold weather hits?

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