Fight Hard Water Stains and Keep Your Property Looking Great

Not all window stains are easily cleaned, hard water stains can be much more difficult to remove than other stains. Anyone who has spent time trying to remove set in hard water stains knows that it can be nearly impossible to get them to shine like new again with conventional cleaning methods. Let’s check out what you need to know about hard water stains.


Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, usually calcium, magnesium, lime or salts. When water evaporates these minerals are left behind leaving hard water stains on lots of surfaces. These stains are especially noticeable on windows as it is a cloudy white substance that blocks visibility through glass. Hard water stains are generally associated with bathrooms or showers, however, they are also a big problem for exterior windows as well.

Hard water removal

Exposure to mineral deposits can come from a number of sources for building exteriors. Leaching from other materials the buildings are made of, such as roofing or concrete, can leave heavy amounts of mineral deposits, leaving windows foggy and difficult to see through. Rain and other natural exposure can also cause hard water stains. Really any contact with water that hasn’t gone through a softening process can leave deposits, like sprinklers or garden hoses. In coastal areas, salt from the sea can also cause staining.

As surprising as it may be, glass is actually a porous material and these mineral deposits can settle into the pores. This makes hard water stains notoriously difficult to remove and deposits can actually damage and degrade windows over time. Not to mention they interfere with the whole reason the window is there, which is to be transparent.

Preventative measures

Preventative measures are the best way to make sure that hard water doesn’t cause damage to your windows. Because there are multiple sources for hard water stains, like building materials, nature, sprinklers and hoses, the only truly effective preventative measure is to wash your windows on a regular basis. Older hard water stains are much more difficult to remove than more recent ones. Regular washing will ensure that minerals don’t settle into the glass. Installing gutters, diverting sprinklers, sealing concrete and/ or installing a water softener will definitely help as well.

If you run a business, own an apartment complex, or own a home, getting your windows routinely cleaned can have a big impact on your curb appeal, especially if you struggle with hard water problems. SNUGS offers routine window washing so your building will continue to look great while you can focus on what’s important to your business and your life.

Window Washing & Restoration Services


If you already have hard water stains on your windows, then you’ll want to be careful with how you go about their removal. Incorrect removal techniques can leave scratches in your windows that cannot be fixed, meaning the windows will need to be replaced if they are ever to look good again. If stain removal is done incorrectly, it can be a costly mistake. Avoid using harsh chemicals that are not intended for use on glass and using abrasive tools. Using a paint scraper, steel wool, or other abrasive tools on windows is a common way that people cause damage to their glass. Once the glass is scratched, then deposits, dirt and other contaminants will get in the scratch and will be impossible to remove.

If the stain is a more recent development, then you may be able to remove it with soap or some sort of mixture, like water and vinegar for example. However, for the majority of hard water stains that are settled, these cleaning methods just won’t cut it. The best route is to call in the professionals.

SNUGS offers window restoration services to remove hard water stains and make your windows shiny and transparent again. With over 10 years of washing, polishing, and restoration experience, our team can turn your cloudy unappealing windows into beautiful accents to your business or home once again. With day, night and weekend services, you can get your windows restored on your time. No inconvenience necessary.

Hard water stain removal


Hard water stains are unsightly, difficult to remove and can even damage your windows, leading to expensive replacements. Routinely washing your windows is the best way to prevent hard water stains from setting in. Once set, these stains are very hard to remove with conventional methods and then it’s time to call in the pros. Keep your windows and property looking great, get your windows cleaned or restored today!

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