Common Issues Cause By A Dirty Dryer Vent

More than likely, cleaning your clothes is an almost daily occurrence in your home and a bit of an afterthought. But what if you were told that such a common activity could be associated with serious risk and potential lost? A dirty dryer duct vent is never joke, and left unchecked might weaken the performance and shorten the life span your dryer, or worst-case scenario, be a serious safety hazard.

Performance Issues

Lint traps were created to catch lint and small pieces of debris while the machine is running and prevent them from exiting through to the dryer vent. However, it’s inevitable that with continued use, fibers will slip past and into your dryer duct. This can cause the duct to become clogged or blocked all together as time progresses, preventing air from flowing properly. Here are some signs that your machine’s performance is suffering and the dryer vent needs cleaning:

  • Your clothes are taking too long to dry. Every time you run the dryer; you feel like you’re constantly running one cycle after another.
  • You’ve noticed more lint build-up than usual after each cycle.
  • Your clothes smell musty. This could be a sign that mold has been allowed to grow in the warm, humid environment a dirty dryer duct vent can create.
  • Your dryer is putting off excessive heat. Dryers already produce a ton of heat, but when a vent is clogged or dirty, the machine will pull the hot air back into its drum and consequently the room – making for a potentially uncomfortable situation.
  • Your utility costs have increased due to constantly having to run the dryer as well as the air conditioner to offset the extra heat.

Dirty dryer vents

Safety Hazards

While weakened dryer performance due to a dirty vent may be inconvenient and costly, these effects could quickly be the least of your worries. According to the US Fire Administration, approximately $35 million in property damages, and more than 100 injuries (some being fatal) are reported every year due to house fires linked to dryers. In fact, the number one cause of dryer-initiated house fires, revolves around a dirty duct vent. Lint, an unavoidable by-product of running the machine, is highly flammable. As it is allowed to build up over time, the lint is even more likely to retain heat, turning it into the perfect kindling inside your dryer duct. But this is your home we’re talking about, not a campfire, easy ignition is not the goal.

Another, lesser-known potential consequence of a dirty dryer vent is carbon monoxide poisoning. Many don’t realize that dryers produce the clear odorless gas while running where it’s harmlessly vented into the open air outside your home. But a dirty vent can prevent this poisonous gas from properly escaping the building, and instead force it back into your home leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide. This stands to be a very dangerous situation for your family and pets that can result in sickness, headaches and, in extreme cases, even death.

Don’t become a statistic on a graph and don’t allow your loved ones and precious family keepsakes to become part of the yearly reported numbers; get your dryer vents cleaned by the professionals.

Dirty dryer vents

Let The Professionals Help

You might think that because you clean out your lint trap or take the other precautions listed, that you’re off the hook when it comes to a full cleaning. However, while general maintenance is always a good idea, to truly prolong the life of your dryer and ensure the safety of your home you need to plan for a professional to clean your dryer vents annually. By hiring professionals, like Snugs Services, you can rest easy knowing an expert with the required tools will ensure that your dryer vent is clean and working efficiently. We’ll even check for nesting birds and install preventive measures so your dryer duct is no longer the perfect home for a little winged family come next season.

Dirty dryer vents

If your dryer vent is past due for a cleaning, or you’re sick of having to constantly run the dryer in hopes of an outfit that isn’t damp, it’s time. Call to schedule your dryer vent cleaning with local experts, Snugs Services.

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