3 Powerful Benefits Of Regular Roof Cleanings

As a property owner, it’s important to keep the roof over your head in good shape to avoid costly roof repairs or replacements. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements and is the cornerstone of a properly functioning water diversion system. A poorly maintained roof will inevitably allow water, moisture and outside temperatures to creep in. A simple and effective way to maintain your roof is with regular cleanings. Getting your roof cleaned has a number of benefits beyond increasing your property’s curb appeal; it helps keep water and moisture out, it will help you save money, and it will help protect the interior of your home

Keep Water Out and Running Safely Into Your Gutters

This one is probably obvious, especially with how much rain we get in the Pacific Northwest. What might not be so obvious is how neglecting to clean your roof regularly can result in water and moisture creeping in. Moss is a big concern when growing on roofs, if the moss gains a foothold under a shingle, it can lift the shingle and allow moisture underneath. Moss also holds a lot of moisture which just sits on your roof instead of flowing into the gutters and safely away from your house.

Roof Moss Removal

Along with moss comes mold, which can cause health problems, and algae, which can stain your roof. Moss, mold and algae can cause your roof to appear bumpy as well, once it’s gotten to this point though, some serious work needs to be done because the moss mold or algae have already made their way under your shingles.

Allowing debris to collect on your roof can result in debris getting wedged under your shingles or clogged gutters, which can cause water to back up onto your roof and down your siding. A regular professional cleaning eliminates all of these issues and SNUGS has been cleaning roofs removing moss for many years and knows that different roofs require different methods of cleaning and removal. We can even treat your roof to prevent future moss growth.

Roof Moss Removal

Save Your Bucks For Something Else

While regularly scheduled cleanings may cost you time or money or both, it will help you save your future bucks in a couple of different ways. The most obvious one is that it will help prevent serious water damage to your property, and prevention is the best cure. Repairing water damage can end up costing many thousands, especially if the problem has spread to multiple parts of the property, when it could all be prevented with some regular maintenance. Roof repairs or replacements are also not cheap and keeping your roof clean will help increase its longevity and keep money in your pocket for longer.

A roof that’s not well maintained will weaken your building’s resilience to temperature. Brittle and damaged shingles don’t provide great insulation and can allow the elements and wildlife to deteriorate or damage your house’s internal insulation, causing the heat to creep in in the summer and the cold in the winter. A well maintained and properly functioning roof can actually help save you money on your utility bills for years to come, which adds up to a lot of savings.

It’s also worth noting that a clean roof will allow for easy inspection and any problems will be more easily visible. This will allow you to tackle problems more quickly, preventing minor issues from becoming major repairs.

3 Powerful Benefits Of Regular Roof Cleanings

Keep The Interior Of Your Property Protected

A deficiency in your roof leaves what’s beneath it vulnerable to damage. Again, water and moisture are the enemy of a well maintained house, and allowing water to invade your interior can wreak all kinds of havoc on the different systems, like electrical, and the structural integrity of the building. Another concern is pests. Collected debris, clogged gutters, and vegetation create ideal environments for pests like insects, rodents, birds, squirrels, and even racoons. Pests often like the regulated environment inside your home, and will often find a way in, possibly causing harm to you or your property. Keeping your roof and the rest of your property clean and clear of pest attractants will help keep your home protected.

Time To Call In The Pros

Climbing up on your roof, especially when when cleaning, can be a dangerous slip hazard. Calling in the pros will keep you out of harm’s way and will ensure that the job is done well and quickly. SNUGS has been the go-to exterior cleaner in the Pacific Northwest going back many years. We can take care of your roof cleanings and any other issues that you find along the way. Make your future self happy by protecting your property with regular roof cleanings.

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